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Project Partners

The project is jointly implemented by two state institutions and a non-governmental organization: Forest Seed Control Station – Sofia (Coordinating Beneficiary), Vitosha Initiative Group Association (Associated Beneficiary 1) and the Executive Forest Agency (Associated Beneficiary 2).

Forest Seed Control Station – Sofia is a regional structure of the Executive Forest Agency responsible for identification, certification, conservation and use of genetic resources for the sustainable reproduction and management of forests under its jurisdiction.

The Executive Forest Agency (EFA) is a legal entity funded by the state budget. EFA is responsible for the implementation of state policy in the forest sector and control on the implementation of forest management plans through: regeneration of forests, afforestation, anti-erosion activities, protection of biodiversity, and protection of forests from pests and diseases, sylvicultural activities.

Vitosha Initiative Group Association is an independent non-governmental organization working in the field of nature protection and restoration. After its establishment in 2007 the association has implemented series of successful projects and initiatives related to the restoration of damaged forest ecosystems, sustainable management of protected areas, promotion of sustainable forestry, raising public awareness on environmental issues.

For the effective project implementation a project team was appointed including representatives of all partners and experts in the field of sustainable forestry and biodiversity conservation. In order to ensure the achievement of project objectives the establishment of a Project Consultative Council is envisaged including representatives of various stakeholders, institutions and organizations.

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