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Expected results

The expected results from project implementation are summarized below:

  • Established genetic seed bank on the territory of State Forest nursery Lokorsko (SFU Sofia) storing seeds of priority tree species. The gene bank will consist of renovated building with laboratory, office space and refrigeration chambers for conservation of genetic material;
  • Collected genetic material and produced seedlings for reforestation. Based on extensive field surveys sources for collection of genetic material from all priority tree & shrub species from the NATURA 2000 network will be identified and seeds will be collected. A generative garden will be established on the territory of State forest nursery Lokorsko and seedlings of the priority species necessary for restoration of damaged forest habitats will be produced;
  • Restored forest habitats in target NATURA 2000 sites. Under the project a total of 40 ha of the priority forest habitats - 91H0* Pannonian woods with Quercus pubescens and 91E0* Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior damaged by forest fires and other factors will be restored through reforestation;
  • Conducted expert analysis / risk assessment and proposed measures / management activities for the adaption of priority forest habitats to climate change and the future prevention of natural disasters;
  • Raised public awareness regarding the conservation and sustainable management of forests in NATURA 2000 network through an information campaign. The project information campaign will consist of publication and dissemination of information materials, a guidebook for sustainable management of priority forest habitats, educational film, website, workshops and trainings, press conferences and media work.

In order to access the project progress a set of progress indicators (milestones) has been developed and will be used accordingly.

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