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Project „Conservation of the Genetic Fund and Restoration of Priority Forest Habitats in NATURA 2000 Sites” foresees the implementation of the following main activities:

  • Surveying and mapping of priority NATURA 2000 habitats damaged by natural disasters on the territory of Regional Forest Directorate (RFD) – Sofia;
  • Analysis and risk assessment for potential future damages related to natural disasters and climate change (desertification, forest fires, insect calamities, wind falls, etc.);
  • Identification of measures sustainable management, conservation and restoration of priority forest habitats and species, that are part of NATURA 2000 network in Bulgaria;
  • Identification of sources and collection of reproductive material from damaged or threatened forest habitats and species on the territory of Forest Seed Control Station – Sofia;
  • Establishment of a gene bank (consisting of chambers for long term and short term storage of seeds and a generative garden) for priority species of European importance on the territory of State forest nursery Lokorsko;
  • Production of seedlings of protected species using the collected genetic material on the territory of State forest nursery Lokorsko;
  • Pilot restoration of 40 ha damaged NATURA 2000 on the territory of RFD-Sofia using the reproductive material collected under the project;
  • Information and awareness rising activities (trainings, workshops, information materials, film, etc.).

You can get more detailed or up to date information for the progress in project implementation by visiting “News” and “Implementation” sections of this webpage or by contacting the project team.

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