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The project aims to improve the conservation status of priority Natura 2000 habitats in two Bulgarian SCIs BG0000322 – Dragoman and BG0001307 - Plana as well as to create grounds for the ex-situ conservation of priority Natura 2000 species and habitats in other parts of Bulgaria.

The Project has four overarching objectives:

  • Conservation and restoration of deteriorated forest habitats with European importance (part of the Natura 2000 network in Bulgaria);
  • Conservation of the genetic fund for rare and protected species with European importance;
  • Raise awareness of the local and general public on Natura 2000 and the need to adapt forest management to climate change;
  • Provide and exchange information on sustainable restoration methods and conservation management issues in the ecosystems concerned.
LIFE+ Programme of European Comission NATURA 2000 Vitosha Initiative Group Association Executive Forestry Agency Forest Seed Control Station Sofia
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